This is great news…

  • coming from Tata ( and not from Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Volvo etc)
  • not known from excellence in product, but just ‘good enough’ technology & performance
  • market leader by a good margin
  • raising the benchmark in customer satisfaction in CV industry

They just need to ‘walk the talk’ to ensure ‘Tata Alert’ is truly alert, receptive and empathetic to the average transport operator.

For example, does not listen or even ‘hear’ ( passive listening, at least), mail to their official ID, bounces undelivered and call center experience is pretty ordinary. The true challenge for Tata Motors is to ensure ‘Tata Alert’ delivers #Enchantment to the small/big operator. Can they ? That will be the true test of pudding!!

Customer satisfaction is not in our corporate gene! What I call #KarmaOfCustSer.

Tata Motors introduces 4-year warranty on heavy truck range – Economic Times

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