We are connecting through this newsletter after a gap of a couple of months. We are still trying to figure out what is the ideal frequency! But is there something like that it? We will let you know if we get to know ????

We have taken Coaching and coach-training (through facilitation)/mentoring from Bangalore and Chennai to Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi in this quarter. Having lived & worked in all the three cities, these were important milestones.

Hero’s Journey, as Joseph Campbell may put it. Whereat, in the journey, is still a question…

Leaders in these and all other major cities will benefit immensely from coaching and mentoring. We firmly believe coaching and mentoring will be a great enabler for life & work, at full potential. We deserve it, to live a happy and self-actualised life, in a way we ourselves define and understand it.

#GoodNews: Personally there was some great news…

  1. My International Coach Federation (ICF) credential, PCC, has been renewed for 3 more years.

Find me at ICF’s Credentialed Coach Finder (CCF) at http://coachfederation.org/need/landing.cfm?ItemNumber=980&navItemNumber=569

It is great to be part of the coaching fraternity, ICF.

2. EMCC has recognised me with EMCC Mentoring Award 2016 — “Highly Commended” Nominations https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2016-emcc-mentoring-award-subash-cv-executive-coach

It is a runner-up award, or a jury’s special award. Most humbling and inspired to do more…

emccLooking back, Coaching was Divine Will. This recognition, Divine Grace.

This recognition is for the entire fraternity who have been part of Regal Unlimited, directly or indirectly. I am just blessed to be a part of this journey.

Choose bliss. Stay blessed.

Subash CV, Mentor Coach @ Regal Unlimited


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