@Quora: Plan your career strategy for the next five year? To what extent does your strategy fit with your long term goals, the characteristics of the external environment, and your own strength and weakness?

Plan your career strategy for life.

Plan for the next five years.

Even if the current work experience does not seem to be aligned with the overall career goal, stay on course. Look at it as a learning experience.

Be aware of the external environment, not too influenced by it.

Strength & weakness, be aware. Don’t get too distracted by weaknesses. Build on strength.

Ultimately, the legacy of the career is how much we contribute to others. Don’t lose sight of that element of long term career goals

It helps to take the services of a career coach to partner with you to make this journey. You need someone to hold the mirror, point to your blinkers, and be a cheerleader too.

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