I have not been blogging much, of late… Was busy with other things. Surely, less with work….!

For me, writing/blogging is a matter of ‘mood’! Moreover, I did not come across topics that were ‘blog-worthy’, from my (limited) perspective and (narrow) interests! ????

Recently came across a thought I felt compelled to share… Hence, glad to be back, blogging!!

Executive Remuneration…

Had blogged last year, on 25th Dec to be precise, The Maya of Career !

1. Came across this interesting post, Executive Remuneration: Time to rein in the rewards, on Linkedin. There was not much info in the article, per se. But the headline was thought-provoking. Also, this topic was debated extensively in Middle East, at the height of the financial crisis, my karma-bhoomi then. There was a fear of this cap on exe remuneration in G20 countries!

I have seen, more often, we chase money, instead of a fulfilling career. Even if aware of the fact, we just drag on…hang on!

The frequently-aired SBI Home Loans TVC during IPL reminded me of how most of corporate executives end up ‘hand-to-mouth’ living. The lady in the ad said, ‘there was no money for vacation after paying EMI’, till the protagonist shifted his H/L to SBI! Of course, the lady of the house looked low on nutrition, may be due to cost cutting at home!

Even as urban living becomes riskier by the day (pollution of water, air, noise, etc), difficult (commuting) and expensive (cost of living, rent vs own home), we still continue to move to cities in search of professional ‘greener’ pastures! At what cost?!

2. Came across another interesting article, ‘Lord of The Rings’, in ET – Corporate Dossier.
Prof Sushanta Kumar Bhattacharyya was part of the team to select successor to Mr Ratan Tata.

He shared in the article, what clinched the decision in favour of Mr Cyrus Mistry, over ‘candidates from both sides of Atlantic’:
‘he’s got passion, he’s intellectually very bright and he doesn’t need the money’.
Interesting, is n’t ?

‘Passion’ is a no-brainer! But was surprised by ‘intellectual mind and being wealthy’. For Tata group head, surely intellectual bend of mind should be a key leadership skill. Being rich, is quite relative. Rich have shown only more desire for more wealth. But then, theoretically a good set of parameters to select the head of one of most respected business groups, not only in India, but world-wide…

Sharing with friends, many of whom are aspiring CEO’s. Don’t want to be judgmental here. But worthwhile to pause and do some professional & personal introspection. Taking the liberty to say this, also based on my recent coaching sessions.

Be Blissful!

The Maya of Career: http://regal.deliverymagnet.com/the-maya-of-career/
Executive Remuneration: Time to rein in the rewards:http://www.iias.in/specialreport.aspx

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