After 30 years in corporate world, the chartered accountant who was behind Aptech & Hexaware, is hanging up his boots, with Rs 1,000 crore cheque from sale of the latter.
Experts, and also the authors of the article in ET, feel Hexaware was not ‘aggressive enough’, vis-a-vis players like Cognizant.
May be or may be not!! It may be just perception of the external world.

All credit to Atul Nishar for timing his exit well. And more for the decision to enjoy and experience ‘SHUNYA’ or ‘NOTHINGNESS’.

In the middle of our career, each one of us have a choice and should exercise the same ( I strongly feel) to step out and experience Power of NOTHINGNESS. The experience can not be explained, but only experienced…

The article in ET

After selling Hexaware, Atul Nishar longs for nothingness

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