How quitting television saved Melissa Ambrosini’s life

Got to meet & interact with an IT professional turned author yesterday.
Anil Ananthaswamy – Science writer de-mystifying physics, neuroscience, and climate change. Author of ‘The Edge of Physics’ & “The Man Who Was Not There”

Then came across this article on a TV actress turned life-coach!

– ‘… her young age at the time only added to her confusion’ : We are familiar with increasing incidence of “Midlife crisis”. Interestingly we hear many cases of “quarter life crisis” these days!

‘Do we necessary got to wait for a crisis?’, a healer friend asked recently!

– “TV no longer lit me up like it used to.” : Was it her self-awareness? Or was she just brave to leave TV & move to a different space?

I am not brave enough to quit watching TV!

– ‘Ambrosini found “the world of wellness” : She was fortunate to find the sweet spot. She would not “work” anymore in her life.

There are multiple coaching tools to get there. #Regal@60 is one of them.

– ‘She is now a certified holistic health coach, qualified life coach’ : a ‘certified’ coach. That is the key. To go through the rigor of training, certification & credentialing, before calling herself a life coach’

PS: our life coach certification is Regal Coach Certification (RCC) A new batch starting in October 2016. For details pl visit

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