Some valuable insights:

  • An elevator speech is a pre-planned 30-second-to-two-minute response to the question “so what do you do?”
  • Cliff Suttle, author of The Anti-Elevator Speech (someone has actually written a book on ele. pitch?!)
  • What is the objective?“The goal of networking is not to gather sales leads, but to start business relationships and that begins with a conversation, not a sales pitch,” says Suttle.
  • will have people clamoring to speak with you – Wow, that is the dream-level !

Four tips :

  • Hook: a short statement, designed to usurp their attention – even a bit ‘confusing’ ok !
  • Silence : Silence is the ultimate tool – the pause! Just wait for the person to get curious/confused and seek clarification – ‘hook is useless without the silence thereafter’
  • Reel them in : slowly, keep the suspense
  • Serve, Don’t sell: We should never, ever sell… only ‘serve’ .

Inspired by :
Your Elevator Pitch Stinks. Here’s How to Fix It |

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