Had joined the call few minutes late.

I joined just in time to be hit by couple powerful questions (an ICF Competency!) by Mark (paraphrased here):
Are you living the values?
Your team is watching
Who is your hero? Are you living His/their values?

‘Engagement’ is one of the issues bothering corporate leaders, globally.
I just saw an update, ‘Unhappy Workers Cost the U.S. Up to $550 Billion a Year’ (http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/246036)

Mark went on to list ‘what most engaged people admire?’ Also referring to Kouzes & Posner Survey:
– It is not enough if we are hardworking, honest & loyal. ‘How are we demonstrating it in our day-today activities at work?’
– Being ‘supportive and helpful’ were interesting, being ‘fun-loving & friendly’ would have surprised few serious corporate leaders.
– Drucker & Hesselbein five questions were a timely reminder.
– The 8th parameter, ‘Defining Success’ through 3P’s was a fitting finale to the session.
Purpose, Performance and Passion are so critical to sustainable success.
1. Purpose – greater than yourself (‘I’ to ‘We’, as the Master would say)
2. Purpose – economic parameters, over week/month/quarter/year/decade… no escape! Proof of making progress.
3. Passion- Here & Now. ‘Passion later is saving up sex for old age’, acc to Mark!
Examples of Maya Angelou (a poet) and Warren Buffet were brilliant.

I got my ‘money’s worth’ from the first few moments of the session, after I joined in. Reminding the reader, these are all complementary sessions. If these sessions are so powerful, imagine how the main event would be…

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