There are 6 styles of leadership, based on emotional intelligence. One of them is #Coaching. (Dr. Daniel Goleman). Coaching is least understood, rarely practiced at work, and perhaps the most difficult. Just like leadership, coaching is a skill that can be learned. International Coaching Federation’s coaching competencies (#iCC) is one of the best frameworks.

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Regal Coach Certification (RCC): We all have a leader in us. But why is it that only some revel as leaders and most don’t? While there is no one answer to it – it is subject to our belief systems, conditioning, situations, personality, and other such external and internal factors – there is a way to shine forth the leader in you. All it needs is the professional nudge of a coach, who with the right training and transformational tools can help you maximize your personal and professional potential.

Potential benefits include better inter/intrapersonal relationships, executive presence, communication skills, improved relationships, self-awareness, productivity, innovation.

  • Learn the skill of coaching and become a better leader. Based on ICF and EMCC methodologies.
  • Virtual/live program, hence flexible. Occasional connect in your cities.
  • For aspiring coaches, corporate leaders, HR/L&D professionals, Agile/Scrum/Tech-consultants

Regal Coach Certification (Level 2 & 3)

  • ICF approved ACSTH, based on ICF Coaching competencies that will help you discover the coach within you.
  • As part of the curriculum, we will cover not only ICF coaching competencies, but also coaching models, coaching tools, and related concepts that will help you become a good coach.

The focus is on actual coaching, that is coaching practice, not theory!  

  • We will also discuss the business and marketing of coaching. Our program is at the beautiful confluence of eastern and western confluence.
  • You also will be part of an exclusive group of the alumni community, for continued learning and business collaboration. #Learn2Coach with the best.

Learn the science and art of coaching, the #iCFway

  • The program involves 60 hours of training + 10 hours of mentoring. Also some assignments, apart from 100 hours of coaching practice, all required to make the journey deep and powerful.

This is not a sprint to the certification, but a marathon to self-discovery, and additionally, certification. For…as professional coaches, we are blessed to witness the transformational shift in our coachee.

We start a new batch on Saturday, April 18th, 2020.

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