An interesting article, as to what we can do during this forced break, with the restriction on movement, physical distancing. These are interesting times. What we do is a choice that we are making. It may have an effect on what we do, and what we are in the coming months and years.

Truly disruptive? Mother of all VUCA?

An interesting list of things we can do. I tried to categorize them, and found 3 common threads, at a broad level. One based on technology. The other based on language skills.

  • Tech: Sell photos, Create videos, podcast, web development, Drop-Shopping, online course, internet research
  • Language: Copywriter, Teach (English), Tutor, Translate, Interpret, Transcribe, Proofread, blog, self-publish (ebook), audio narrator
  • Of course, You may also make some money along with it 🙂 Why not! 

Then, there is about life coaching. That usurped my attention. Of course, coaches do not enter this space for making money. But to make an impact, to make a contribution. Life, Learning,

  • 15. Become a Life Coach (or Even a Travel Coach)

An alternate career, Make an Impact, Contribute. In the process make some money too. For most of the coaches, it is a second career. An inner calling. Hence, far deeper purpose than just a hobby, or a sidekick.

Coaching is a leadership skill, a life skill for corporate leaders, biz owners, professionals.

We have been offering coach training for over 5 years.

We are starting a new batch on 18th April, over zoom. Registrations are open. Pls visit the website or write to to apply/register.

#Learn2Coach with the best in category, the #iCFway

@Forbes article

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