“Kindly coach Virat Kohli to re-discover himself. It’s a genuine request from a fan of Kohli”. I got this request from a friend – a corporate executive who is also at the early stage of his ICF coaching education for ICF credentials. He knows what professional ICF coaching is – different from what Rahul Dravid the cricket ‘coach’ would do. Also different from training, mentoring, guiding, therapy, or telling.

I was politically correct to respond to a fellow (aspiring) coach, “Kohli got to be ready & willing. Then next innings Hundred Points on Microsoft Teams 1.0

Virat is one of the best among contemporary cricketers. He has the potential to become one of the best, ever. In the league of Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev. Even after the current slump in his form. What would it take him to get out of the rut and become the rockstar cricketer he was.

1. As a young cricketer, he decided to shed weight and gain super-human fitness. He was not only one of the fittest cricketers but also ensured every team member was fit to clear the YoYo test. What prompted a young Kohli to take the big step and sustain the new habits with discipline. For a Punjabi, the shift in his culinary preferences would have been a big sacrifice.

It is a good idea to look for inspiration within again.

2. When will cricket embrace professional coaching by a non-cricketer? One who is not a Rahul Dravid, or Gary Kirsten, or the Baz? While the sport avails the services of physiotherapists to psychologists. They do not avail the services of professional coaches. All sport, from tennis to cricket, are as much mental game, as it is physical.

Are we ready for the Inner Game of Cricket? (Tim Gallwey fame)

3. ‘If I was India’s captain or coach, I would be telling him…’ Ricky Ponting
Make the environment as healthy and as positive as possible from Virat’s point of view: ‘It takes a village to educate a child'(African Proverb). It takes an entire ecosystem to succeed for any professional. Including for a professional cricketer. Also prodigious Kohli.

This is your spot, this is where you’re batting, it’s not going to change. Keep believing in yourself, keep putting in the hard work, keep believing what made you the best player in the world for a number of years – get back to those thoughts and the runs will come’. Ricky Ponting, HT

You need all the support of the ecosystem. Also, the five levels of needs (Maslow’s Hierarchy). Specific to his game, the first three levels may be to a lesser extent, though security (his place in the squad) may be his concern. He needs a heavy dose of empathy – pure and clear emotional intelligence. A great leader, cricket coach, and the rest of the team, eco-system can provide.

For all leaders, we get empathy only if we give. Giver >Taker.

#Kohli’s bounce back is not the need of this friend who wants to see him score runs and tons. It is the need of all his fans for sure. Also, a lot of cricket followers. Also, a lot of professionals, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and practicing/aspiring leaders. His bounce-back will give them the confidence, “I can do it too”.

Though it is not recommended to seek inspiration outside, seek within.

❝Follow Your Bliss- Joseph Campbell.

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