‘Companies hate losing their star workaholics, so J&J is triple-teaming them with a dietitian, a physiologist, an executive coach, and $100,000 in special services.’.*

Organizations are realizing and recognizing the need to help their leaders (and also others, why not?) to stay in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peak-form.

Illustrator: Steph Davidson/Bloomberg

We are finally recognizing the leaders are also human beings, not human doings, chasing targets. Are we doing enough? Not at all. We have not even scratched the surface. There is an urgent need to move in and arrest the slide. This can not happen through transactional interventions, such as training, consulting, or even medical check-up. We got to look at the transformational interventions such as coaching & mentoring, counselling and healing.

Of course, as we often say in our coaching/mentoring or coach-training, we can’t cut a person into two halves — one who is at work and one outside work, at home, community, elsewhere.

Coaching & mentoring, beyond services of counselor, dietician or wellness expert, look at coachees/coaching-clients overcome the constraints, the leaders got to look at other preventive measures.

One big preventive measure would be leaders to create a system where s/he is not indispensable. Executive coaching and all other such interventions got to look at that. It has to be the collective leadership, not autocratic. And, the leaders got to embrace coaching as a style of leadership.

Pure, classical coaching, that is empowering, co-creating, non-prescriptive, and looks at win-win-win.

Is a corporate ready for it? Will a leader be comfortable with it? Indispensable leaders may consider themselves to be powerless.

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