Yesterday the first call in the morning was from a client (now a friend). He reached out literally out of the blue, ‘for a quick chat’. We were connecting after nearly a year.

He was referred to me by a dear friend, a fellow-coach. We had a coaching-engagement, spread over a few months. He stopped at the end of the planned duration, six months.

Here are the summary of his updates:

  • I ran two marathons recently. He was a marathon-runner. He just got more disciplined now, comparatively.
  • I started my Yoga classes, and is on track, and very regular. He wanted to add yoga to his list of actions, to support running and to derive other benefits.
  • My book is 80% complete. So many of us, coaches & clients, are aspiring authors. Here was someone who has started writing, 80% complete, and plan to complete the project by end of the year! His blog is awesome (ICF competencies 9, 10 & 11!)
  • I have resigned and servicing my notice period. I have got a good offer.This was the primary reason why we got connected, career coaching.
  • I want to learn to coach. This was icing on cake, for me ???? He wants to add coaching to his leadership styles, to maximize his professional & personal potential. How beautiful! He may be part of our next ICF Approved coach training program

I was full of praise for his actions/efforts and the shift, he thanked me for the coaching conversations. I said,

‘I take no credit, and also no debit’!

What is a coach’s role?

Blessed to be a witness, at times play a catalytic role, to co-create and manifest a future of coachee’s dream!


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