As analysed by Regal Unlimited an ICF Coach Certification company, Zoom is going to be an inspirational marketing case study – #4P.


#OnLine This is their most significant opportunity, courtesy of the situation arising out of #Covid19. While many attribute ‘success’ to hard work and smart leadership, a bit of luck also plays a role. Of course, the harder we work, the more luck favours us. Thus, Zoom was at the right place at the right time to leverage the spurt in demand for an online platform. Any brand has to be ready to latch on to the opportunity. Zoom was perhaps more prepared than its competitors.

I have seen that personally in my corporate career. Visionary leaders were ready to grab the opportunity and run with it.

Hence, I always maintain ‘it takes an ecosystem to succeed.’ And it applies to a corporate or cricket team, a team sport, or an individual sport.

ICF coach certification was always offline.

After all, coaching involves a lot of physical energy exchange, but with the waves of change, we are pivoting the ICF Coach Certification to online. We have much to learn about conducting ICF Coach training online, maintaining interactivity, and deepening the learning when the participant is sitting miles away from us.


An excellent product/service. Even non-techies can operate Zoom with relative ease. And only a good product can survive in an era when me-too can come quickly. Moreso when competition can come from Google Meet and MS Teams to multiple other players, all with good features. Also, only a good product can benefit from good marketing in the long run.

Ideating and creating a killer product that can take the market by storm isn’t new. The real challenge is keeping up with the innovation curve and keeping the customer at the center. Zoom is not the first video-calling product; it will certainly not be the last. Products should evolve and expand to accommodate growing needs. First, a product creates a brand, and then a product should sustain the brand name! Zoom has been able to leverage network effects to keep this product relevant until now.

For our online ICF coach Certification, we prefer Zoom because of its multitude of features and ease of usage. Coaching is profoundly personal and practice-oriented; we use the breakout room feature for ICF Coach Certification to ensure clients have a deeper private conversation!


It has a free option with limitations. But it gets expensive as you add features; is that still reasonable within the premium standard? This has been one of the areas where Zoom has not been widespread. They may be constrained to look at alternate price models and make them relevant to the different customer segments they cater to globally. Now they are riding the wave. The long-term challenge would be to sustain it. The best definition of “price” is, “Price is what it feels like to the customer.”

Owing to the phenomenal ease of operating Zoom, premium pricing can be justified, but only to an extent. Pricing becomes critical because the product is a global product. Hence, there are different ‘pricing’ mindsets in different countries. Some prefer ‘value’ pricing, while others value ‘exclusive premium pricing’ depending on the country-specific context. Another area of improvement could be that currently, the pricing is in USD denomination (while the product is global). For ICF Coach Certification, that augurs well.


Their marketing strategy is interesting. I have not seen ads or campaigns. But Zoom seems to have tied up with respectable entities, like ICF for ICF Coach Certification and others. Maybe they have a robust B2B strategy.

The best marketing is not only a good product but also satisfied customers. So, Zoom is the suggestion in various WhatsApp groups for queries for the best option!

For our online ICF Coach Certification program and Executive Coaching services, Zoom is the preferred partner (across the globe). Positive word of mouth and continued product usage (DAU) indicates the pull created by the promotion!


Fantastic after-sales support. I had reached out to them on numerous occasions; they always exceeded my expectations, including when it involved money (wrong subscription)

How is this relevant to your business? What are the lessons for our business?

Our one-to-one coaching happened on virtual platforms, including Zoom, WhatsApp, et al. We are going #OnLine for our #coachtraining now.

What does the future hold, post-pandemic? More virtual or back to offline, or a new mix? Only time will tell.

How are business leaders handling these developments? What are the 4Ps of their marketing strategy? How is it evolving?
#StaySafe StayBlessed #GoDigital

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