Why ‘Sophisticated’ Leadership Matters — Especially Now!

(Let’s be clear ‘sophistication’ is not for me as a leader but for others, team/organization & the stakeholders, including the society #I2We)

What got you here will not get you there? IQ gets you the job, but EQ and SQ give holistic, sustainable success and fulfillment. #IQ2EQ2SQ.

Some great thoughts from the article:
– it’s not the complexity itself that causes leaders to stumble and stall, it’s how leaders react to it: React Vs Respond
– Try pulling back, elevating your viewpoint and figuring out how you can take yourself to the next level: Being Buddha, Guru. Selfless observer
– To be effective as a leader, you must cultivate self-awareness and recognize when you need to reinvent not only the business and organization you lead but also yourself: Self-development.

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