A few months ago, I did a single (laser) coaching session with a friend.
He specifically was interested in meditation. I shared a
simple technique with him. Couple of months later, he called me one day to share he was practising with discipline and
his deeper experiences. Last week, almost after six+ months, he shared he
was delighted to experience deeper awareness.

I felt truly blessed. I had since then shared same with few of my other coaches and friends, based specifically on their requests, of course. I wrote to each one of them to check out on their experiences. Not surprisingly, most of us were not practicing, enough!!!
(that includes me, at least at the level which I want!)

Thought provoking… ‘what makes a good mindful coach?

Can I coach ever be not mindful at all? While coaching & even when not coaching? Being mindful is a state when coaching becomes deeper, powerful and useful for Coaches.

Great to note mindfulness is being taught and is being included in corporate training. But, still by a small percentage of corporate & non-corporate.

What Makes a Good Mindfulness Coach? | LinkedIn

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