Tried a new ‘route’, outside the concrete area within our compound, for a morning walk. Had heard about this stretch from others, hence had planned to try…

Just ‘five minutes’ away (here we measure distance based on commuting time!), civilisation ends! Till then, it was a combination of habitation and potential habitation, with a few complexes under construction. The construction workers indeed start the day very early… Along the short stretch, there was garbage, and lot of plastics. Some trash were burnt off, again not a healthy way to dispose plastic & garbage. We need to urgently #Deplastify our environment. We should have a rule to segregation & safe-disposal of trash. The new rape law should include the environment also.

Once out of the clutter and pollution, I thought the stretch would be clear, clean & green. Saw a few people already walking. My expectation only went up, as a stretch which is preferred by morning-walkers will be a very ‘healthy’ environment. But I was shocked to find, pockets of unauthorised garbage disposals, loads of construction waste and massive de-forestation!

Saw two majestic trees. Felt glad there at least few huge, majestic trees, with eagles and other birds. As I moved closer, I saw they were right in the middle of a grave-yard. The grave-yard seem to be greener. The rest of the area were proving to be ‘grave yard for the trees & plants’!! Construction debris were littered around the graveyard too! Real estate boom is killing our environment.

As I headed home, Sun rose with all splendor and light. Offered a silent salutation. We were part of a culture which worshipped nature. Now we are doing the opposite to Nature ????

I got home, not refreshed from a morning walk. Washed face. Then had quick shower. Did my meditation. But the mind is still agitated…. What have we done to our environment!!

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