Legacy is anythinghanded down fromthe past, asfrom an ancestoror predecessor.
For, what I do for myself is gone when I am gone, but what I do for others remain my legacy.
As we move up the corporate ladder, and every other such ‘ladders’ in family & society, when get ample opportunity to do good to others. Or at least resist doing evil. Through our thought, word and deed.
At the end of our sojourn on earth, only one thing matters. How much love we have shared. Unconditional, selfless, pure love… which is divine. And this is not some exotic concept, beyond our reach. It is well within our reach. That is actually our natural state of being. We just avoid the truth, unknowingly!
My passion becomes my legacy when I serve others being who I AM, doing what I love.
What is your legacy?This is a question that comes up often in a coaching situation.
Beyond our worldly needs & wants, at some stage, this becomes an important element of our journey. The sooner we reach that stage, the better for us. We will have that much extra time to make a difference.
What is important is to ask ourselves. Then take responsibility and move in the right direction. It would help immensely to reach out to a Life Coach.

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