There are several suggestions on social media about how we can keep ourselves busy, during these days of lockdown, quarantine. Media encouraging binge-watching!! I can understand the channels promoting aggressively. The government is also promoting its decision to re-telecast Ramayan, and Mahabharatha! At least it won’t be ‘binge-watching’.
You may wonder what is my problem with binge-watching. Just as social media, gadgets are the new addiction across all profiles, binge-watching is as much a common problem. I have had coaching conversations, of course with HiPo leaders, CEO/CXOs, who have shared their tendency to end up binge-watching, for various reasons. To unwind, to kill time during travel. Someone said, I just keep watching ‘Friends’.  They have identified it as mild addictions and their need to get over it – hence the topic for coaching conversation.
It is still a matter of individual choice. it helps to be aware…. as in the case of coachees.
Binge-watching may not help in these times, just as in any time!
We started watching ‘Virus’, then stopped, as it does not help to shift consciousness in these challenging times. Also, Parasite, for the same reasons. Maybe some other time? 
We did watch a couple of regionals films, looking forward to seeing more. Selectively. One movie that has been on my list for a long time… I could tick that off. Mohanlal’s Malayalam super film, ‘Drishyam’.
Stay safe is not just physical distancing, but being mindful of wellness at all levels – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Not just what we eat & drink to strengthen immunity, but also how we are “feeding” our senses.
#StaySafe #StayBlessed
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