“Now there’s executive coaching that provides a bit of a framework around the things you’re naturally involved in within a team environment, so I’m starting to look into doing that as well, trying to provide an all-round package for my coaching in the future.” (Courtesy  http://www.cricket.com.au/:http://www.cricket.com.au/news/shane-watson-coaching-future-natural-mentor-allrounder-australia-south-africa-t20-series/2016-03-09 )

#CoachingMindset is essential to become a Coach – almost a pre-requisite… to become a Leadership/Executive/Life #Coach (successful professional need not automatically make a great coach – in business world or elsewhere, incl sports & arts)

‘Natural flair for coaching/mentoring’ is one way of looking at it. For a great player need not be a great coach, and vice versa.

But if you have a coaching mindset, a training, certification & credential (+International Coach Federation) will help you to
– understand the nuances of art, science & practice of coaching
– develop your own style, niche, based on who you are
– make a career out of it (even if 2nd/3rd innings)

In India, we help professionals from diverse background to become ICF Certified Coaches:


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