Concluding session of ACC2PCC batch, on 10th & 11th June. At Chennai. Where it all began for me, professionally, in 1991.

Going from Bangalore, every other city is hot. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the cloudy Chennai, far more pleasant than expected!

Mostly cloudy and a light drizzle made it appear very pleasant! The reading showed higher temp.

At airport, Uber driver asked me to come up to the pick up point, “near the ???????? flag pole”! While that is a good landmark, I wonder why all airports make it so difficult for travellers to ‘hail a cab’?!


As the cab passed the venue, to my hotel nearby, I updated my FB status ‘feeling blessed’.

Last two days of coach training for the current batch… their journey to ‘become a coach’ to ‘being a coach’.

The learning is mutual !

I quickly checked in, rushed to the restaurant for a quick, late lunch.


I have always been maintaining ‘my’ BFSI sector has been slowest to embrace coaching in their organizations. They still seem to depend on promotions & benefits (even though ESOPs not as popular as it used to be earlier)! Are we investing enough for human capital/holistic development? The answer is plain and simple. But then there are always exceptions to rule.


After catching up on some urgent mails & calls, took some rest.

Evening stepped out for a long walk. Decided to grab an early dinner. Be a roman, decided to look for a Sangeeta restaurant. I took directions, kept walking. Clocked 10k for first time on my fitness band!! Felt happy. Got to make it more frequent to reach my fitness goals:)

Last lap was cut short when a biker offered to drop me off at Sangeeta, RA Puram branch! (For an iconic brand, Branch sound better than an outlet — blame it on the banker in me!)

There were several elderly men, hitting the restaurant to catch up or drink liquid, mostly butter-milk. The food was awesome, as always.


As I waited for the bill, I looked around! The place had a #JustDial rating featuring #Amitabh ji prominently. Nearby, at the entrance, there were photos of great musicians, incl MS????

Wish the place was cleaner, quieter and played some music for soul, to supplement the food for body!

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