Great that ‘being mindful’ is going mainstream, slowly, but surely…

The world badly needs it. Also each one of us!

Next time when I pick up raisins, I will be lot more ‘mindful’. (Eastern philosophy talks about chewing 30 times. It helps not only digestion, but also be in a state of mindful)

It could actually be ‘equipping us with skills to survive in 21st century’.  (I would add, not just ‘survive’, but also live fully, holistically & blissfully. It is a possibility, but we often do not make a conscious choice.)
Beautiful thought: ‘we try to be in different places at once– but at the cost of being unable to inhabit where we want to be’! It is a proven fact, multi-tasking is quite impossible. (We fail to be Here & Now, most often…)
World is indeed waking up to the ability of our brains to adapt & re-wire. Of course, we have given it a flamboyant jargon, ‘Neuroplasticity’ 🙂

5,000 year old techniques, when supported with this new jargon and of course, research & experience, becomes more acceptable. We are still reluctant to associate it with spirituality. But then, we forget or are unaware, ‘we are all spiritual being on a human
experience, not vice versa’

It is not ‘paradoxical that Silicon Valley has become the hotbed of mindfulness classes &
. For, the need is the most in those workplaces.
Tim Ryan’s experience is a good testimonial. Thankfully, he is making efforts to take it to more people. But it is still our choice to make – whether to carry two mobile phones or distracted by any other screen, incl laptop or TV.
Vipasana meditation technique mandates 10 days’ silence for their advance program.
Using a watch may be recommended at an early stage, but at deeper levels, I know of folks who have discarded watches. When we are connected within, we don’t need to ‘manage’ time or be ‘managed’ by time.

If ‘silicon valley entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Titans, pentagon chiefs and more’ are taking up these exercises, is it not high time we looked at the techniques, with an open mind and humility?


The Mindful Revolution – TIME


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