The art of asking powerful questions – the ICF way:

“Listen to Truth or Lies? How a Question Is Phrased Can Make a Big Difference from Knowledge@Wharton in Podcasts.”

– Listening at a deep, empathetic and empowering level is one of the key ICF coaching competencies (ICF-CC). From that space, also from deep coaching presence, another ICF-CC, a coach asks a ‘powerful question’, yet another ICF-CC. “Powerful” for the client/coachee. Not to demonstrate coach’s capabilities, but to help the client move from the current space to a more resourceful space.

– A trained coach/leader will be effectively tapping into the potential of these skills, for a win-win-win opportunity, for all involved.

Coaching skills can be learned, used in day-to-day interactions, at work/beyond. Coach to Lead-Learn to Coach-Learn from the Best.

ICF accredited coacharya coach training, classroom sessions at Chennai, on 10th, 11th and 12th August 2018. Month 3 for coaches who have completed ACC level training with any ICF accredited coach-training institutes.

Happy Coaching…

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