Interesting thoughts – practical and very useful.
But I would rather re-shuffle the same in the following order:

  • Do something for yourself (#2 as per author). Here, I would stress the need to spend some time on meditation, surely. Meditation has to be a must-do, for all.
  • Have a Routine (#3 ): Body is more comfortable to a routine. The example of Prez Obama, very true. Makes sense to cut off the unnecessary things in our daily routine.
  • Check to-do list (#1): This is a great practice. I prefer writing down. Back with with digital diary to ensure meetings are scheduled properly.
  • Start with something, big/small (no change): It does not matter, big or small, important or urgent. Just start… go, as per your heart or even head. But have a plan and stick to it.

What not to do, is to switch on TV for news or even newspapers. No need to start the day with all the negativity in our media. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, can wait too. Better to read something useful or inspiring.

The idea is to treat the body with respect (not abuse) and time, with more respect ! All are interconnected. Once we are aware & accept, our approach will be holistic and fulfilling.


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