#MeetUp by Regal Unlimited, at Bengaluru

Spreading coaching and nurturing coaches

Coaching is for leaders. It helps the coachee/leader to work with a coach to set goals, understand underlying biases, beliefs, values, etc., and work towards manifesting the goals.

Coaching is for all leaders, in organizations and outside, in all areas, at all levels.

Coaching is about ‘maximizing personal and professional potential’. The coachee’s potential is given. And the focus is on maximizing the potential. From the corporate situation, it is not the ladder against the wrong wall, someone else’s expectations, including just an organization’s. But the coachee’s potential.

Coaching is different from sports coaching, which is mentoring, guiding and training. Coaching is different from therapy, counseling, teaching, delegating, and telling, at work/home. It is surely not the coaching classes, the tuition classes given to students. We often confuse these interventions with coaching.

Hence the need for understanding of coaching, the pure and classical. The #iCFway, as we call it

ICF Coaches’ Bengaluru MeetUp is for

  • Professional Coaches, who are trained and certified/credentialed to coach the #iCFway. These professional coaches come from diverse background, have proven track-record and chose to get trained to coach the right way
  • Leaders, who want to incorporate coaching into their work, and life. The future of leadership is coaching. The command & control style of coaching belongs to an earlier century, consciousness. The leaders may include all the professionals: HR/L&D/ Consultants/Agile/Scrum/ Freelancers/ Facilitators.
  • Business Owners, who want to scale up their business, experience holistic success on all fronts, and
  • Aspiring/Uncredentialed/yet-to-be credentialed coaches. Coaches, without professional training and experience, may not be able to serve the coachee to the best. They may deviate from classical coaching to mentoring, guiding, and telling. These are clear violations of coaching the #iCFway.


The purpose of the meetup is to bring together all these like-minded leaders and professionals to re-define leadership, professional and personal, to maximize potential, personal and professional. The underlying principle will be coaching.

We hope to cover,

  • How coaching skills can help in personal and professional life.
  • Refresh what is coaching and what is not coaching.
  • Becoming a coach and being a coach.
  • Live demo on one ICF coaching competency.
  • Few interactive sessions by coaches.
  • and more…. you will define the agenda, as we go by.

Coaching has been transformational for many of our coachees. We will share some of the stories.

Coach training has been an amazing journey to deeper self-awareness and self-discovery for all, over and above to learn the process, science, and art of coaching.

Join our monthly MeetUp by Regal Unlimited for ICF Coaches and leaders, at Bengaluru. We hope these are food for your souls, also serve some simple, healthy and delicious breakfast.

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