Every year, we muddle our way through VUCA. Feel relieved when the year-end pressure gets over. We celebrate the year-end until the next one arrives. Have we got any wiser?

Transactional minds carry on regardless. Transformational minds question the wisdom of reacting to VUCA, which entails a

  • Knee jerk reaction that causes erratic non-performance
  • Poor resource mobilization, allocation, utilization and 
  • Invoke undesirable results and unintended consequences

Diligent minds recognize slow-mindedness that culminates in doing too little and too late. Symptoms of slow thinking are

  • A poor understanding of causes and consequences
  • Insensitivity to the demand-supply dynamics and
  • Overcoming handicaps by overplaying the strength.

Frozen minds demand a refreshingly different perspective and reorientation. Adopt a new business operating system to function as a unified business entity. That calls for

  • Aligning the stakes of the top twenty stakeholders 
  • Interlinking the roles of the top twenty functionaries to 
  • Institute a market-responsive system of self-governance and
  • Compensate the executives for the results they deliver.

Such an operating routine evolves itself into a work ethic that

  • Interprets VUCA and converts crisis into an opportunity
  • Aggregates the daily experiences into subject matter expertise and 
  • Build executive bandwidth as a core competence.

Individuals and organizations are entities suspended in space. We are not born tough but get airworthy. We build a wind tunnel and learn to thrive in the extremes of VUCA. We supplement vision with guidance, lace passion with caution, and practice the art of navigating our way through turbulence. 

Want to stay career resilient and market-responsive in a VUCA World? Find a tough-minded coach if career fitness for life is your goal!

This was a blog from Shekar Rangarajan. A pivotal coach, Author of the book – GLOW – Play for Greatness. This is what he had to say about Career resilience:

“I started my career in Nov 1972.  Every April for the last 49 years, I asked myself this question and changed. I am thinking about what I would do differently this November to celebrate the 50th year of active service! Rest as they say is history. It has worked for me. Happy to pass it along.”

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