Heroes live their lives in public, broadcasting their model to anyone who cares to look.

The real heroes got to live in public and be universally acceptable, inspiring and at the same time, willing to live on their own terms.

I find heroes everywhere I look. This is what we tend to miss out ???? Heroes are not the super-successful, media-savvy, flamboyant, worldly-successful individuals. We just got to ‘look around….’!

A hero just passed on (Madiba) and in Indian context, another hero ‘retired’ (Sachin Tendulkar, though a cricketer, one of most loved sportspersons ever!) There were a lot of discussions on how they inspired us, but very few discussions on translating the ‘inspiration’ to “perspiration” or action!

That is where a ‘mentor‘ can facilitate (not help/instruct/advise/prescribe…). A small change in terminology instead of mentor is, ‘Coach‘. A mentor may still have a ‘stake’ in the success of the pupil and as such all possible emotions that may go with it.

A coach is not meant to be a subject matter expert. And, every coach works on broadly with a model too.

Affordability is a state of mind… Go, get a coach!

Seth’s Blog: Heroes and mentors

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