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If the economy is the life of a country, the corporate sector plays a key role. Beyond jobs and sustenance, they help us find fulfillment. At the corporates, big or small, people are at the core of it.

People make organizations.

Beyond product, systems, process it is the people who really make organizations. HRD, as such, is the heart ?, of an organization. A heart that vibrates for the people.

Humans, beyond resources & departments (H-R -D)

As such ‘Reimagining Organisations’ was such a powerful theme for the annual national conference

Fireside chat with Ayaz Memon, Sports Writer and Sunil Subramanian, Former Indian Cricket Manager:

Indian cricket, thanks to the love & passion for the sport across the country, there is always some fire and smoke! But then, ‘can there be smoke without fire?’

‘What can Ravi teach Virat, the batsman’?

1983 in Kapil, we found a hero. And that was the beginning of the transformation of Indian cricket. Earlier we were comfortable playing well. Not it is also important to win.

DNA testing for the cricketers to draw individual fitness plans. Strength & Conditioning “coach” more empowered.

#MentalFitness very important for players. ( Can’t agree more)

‘Data key to investigative journalism’, Ayaz is exploring.

AshishVid session was very powerful & thought-provoking

Though he is a popular villain, ‘who dies in almost all the films’, his thoughts on ‘revealing David’ was about a hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell) we all are on.

‘HR is at times lauded, or ridiculed’

“What does HR stand for?” is a good question to ask, always. HR leading the transformations at one of the MNCs was a great update.

Laser #coaching for a few delegates who volunteered to be coachees. While I coached a young woman leader on day-1, an experienced HR professional in day-2. It was interesting to coach someone I had not met before, nor had any preliminary discovery session. We set the context, especially regarding the agreement, confidentiality, and broad expectations… the coachee intuitively picks up the energy of the safe space, comes up with a real & important personal goal, and walks away with some great insights.

Power of the coaching process, and thanks to the coachee. We coach the #iCFway

ICF: Someone asked me, ‘is it Integral Coach Factory?’ Coaching the #iCFway is ‘integral’ and ‘coach’. The process is makes it ‘factory’. But is much bigger. As Sir John Whitmore would remind us,

Coaching is much bigger than coaching.

One of the best things about this profession of professional coaching is the type of friends you make here. Fellow coaches… It was also an opportunity to connect with friends from the industry and meet fellow ICF coaches. #RegalCoaches

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