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Post 1: Should You Launch A Coaching Business? Forbes

Participants at our ICF Coach Certification training at Chennai are all aspiring coaches.
– Some of the participants join us to learn the nuances of coaching to get better, in all roles.
– Some of them also consider setting up coaching business, practice. As part of the journey, we discuss the art of science of coaching and also intricacies of managing coaching practice.

The journey to ICF certification is as much a self-discovery as it is business transformation. It is one thing to be a good coach, but a totally different ball game to be an entrepreneur.

In this article attached, the author lists out five requirements to launch a coaching business/practice:
1. Passionate about investing in yourself, personal L & D: It is a life-long learning opportunity
2. Business acumen. This is quite different from being a good coach or an employee. Not simple, but very interesting… Entrepreneurs are not born, but made…
3. Listening Skills: One of key ICF coaching competencies, this is the foundation of both coaching & entrepreneurship, also life.
4. Sell – authentically: All sales should ideally be authentic, just as all coaching IS… Authenticity & Vulnerability are the key words, which work well in both coaching & coaching practice/business.
Be a Picasso, in whatever you do…

Whether you want to be a full time professional coach or just get better in what you are doing now… BE a Coach, certified & ICF credentialed.

A new batch starts at Chennai 6th November, 2015. To know more, pls visit https://www.regalunlimited.com/icf-certification-our-program/


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