I enjoyed reading the article, for the language and sense of humour! Nothing else. Author is entitled to her opinion regarding quotes & coaches.

I occasionally forward gyaan (quotes)! Commit a more serious ‘crime’ of creating quotes (to promote our business/brand!). I am also a coach.

Author is totally off the mark regarding coaching. As coaches, we are trained to listen more than talk (80:20)! Not to be prescriptive and go deep into coachee’s goal through self-less, not knowing goal-clarification. Where is question of a pep talk!! We are intelligent enough to differentiate between a doctor & a quack. As coaches, we are here to make a difference with all humility & unconditional love (spiritual).

If I am being followed by anyone even to wash room, I should step back & look at the kind of people I am attracting into my life?!

Original post: http://www.outlookindia.com/article/read-this-article-change-your-life/296564

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