• Even a successful ‘type A entrepreneur’ (Ali spoke his search tech firm to Microsoft) can benefit immensely from Coaching (Life/Career/Leadership/Entrepreneur, whatever we chose to call it!). For the opportunities/problems are universal, common to all! Only magnitude differs, awareness differs.
  • ‘No time’ is just a matter of getting priorities right. If ‘ I ‘ am not ‘my’ priority, then nothing else is as important. At a holistic level, not at a selfish, mean level. I have seen many potential clients saying, ‘I have just not been able to apply my mind’, etc. We are being unfair to ourselves, to our families, colleagues and everyone else connected, directly or indirectly.
  • Selection of The Coach is the key. As the article rightly points out, be very thorough in your search for the coach. Ensure you trust him so that you can discuss freely. For the outcome depends purely on how
    much the client is willing to go… and of course, the coach willing to go along…
  • For people like Riaz, life is ‘good’. It should be at least ‘Great’,
    to borrow from Phil Collins. But the real joy is when life moves from “good to Great to GOOD” (At the third phase, bliss is the outcome). It is within our reach, we just need to ‘reach out’, to experience the bliss.
  • As such, Coaching does not ‘try to make you something you’re not…‘. Then it is not Coaching. Period. The opposite should ideally happen. Make the coaches realize the true self.
    ‘Vulnerability is indeed very powerful’. It has to be experienced!

Life Coaches for the Entrepreneurial Set – NYTimes.com

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