This is an interesting development. Mr Sudarshan Venu, being a member of TVS group/family ( fourth generation?) would be more than qualified to handle the role. Worth much more in remuneration.
Rajiv Bajaj is a good example. But then, he started his journey at Bajaj Auto at the ground level.

There are couple of legends around TVS group’s work ethics. Integrity and transparency, managing relationships, etc being some of them. One of the more popular legend is how one could set his clock by their bus-timings in Tamil Nadu, before the government took over ! Also, we heard how members of the family would spend day-one at a workshop, under a car. Wonder if Mr Sudarshan started his journey from under a car too ?!

One of the most inpiring stories in this matter came from Mr Philanthrophy of Indian Corporate scene, Mr Azim Premji. He rules out the fact his son would be a future CEO. That should be the best practise, worth-emulating. Not only in corporate area, but in all walks of life, including most importantly, POLITICS. We would then be deprived of many baba-log and beti-log in political scene. But, it would do a world of good to Indian politics.

Conceptually, this is an interesting development. Hope we get to see more Premjis across all areas of human endeavour in India. India deserves freedom from dynastic-clutches.
IIAS against TVS scion’s board entry | Business Standard

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