A new batch started on 19th January at Chennai.

  • we had corporate leaders, an industry veteran, a spiritual seeker from the US. (Aren’t we all seekers?)
  • all on their ICF coach credentialing journey
  • some unlearning, re-learning, new learning for all of us, incl facilitators (‘blessed to witness the subtle shifts’)

We had the second American attending our program. We have had participants from Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, attending our programs. When it comes to learning, go with the best. Let distance not be an excuse.

While the objective of this program for the participant may be International Coach Federation credential, the journey is the self-discovery, at different levels.

Every aspiring coach enquires about the program before joining. Corporates make a lot more detailed evaluation before nominating/sponsoring their leaders.

We train & mentor leaders to become coaches. A new batch starts at Hyderabad (Feb 9-11) and Chennai (April 6-8). Registration open.

Chennai Super Kings were at the same venue on day-1. #BeRegal is being ‘SuperKings’.

#BeACoch #BeRegal

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