One of our learner coaches, on her #ICF #coachcertification, summarised her end of the certification journey with us as,

“I listen to my body better”.

Coaching assumes the client is complete. The whole coaching process is to help the client connect with that awareness. Hence the end of a coaching conversation/session is also about the new awareness, learning about the client for himself/herself. 

As such #activelistening is a key ICF coaching competency. But then it is listening in coaching is at all levels. Listening to the client, of course. Listening to the said, unsaid, fluctuation in voice modulation, energy shifts, and least of all, the shift in body language. It is less physical, in the realm of transformational coaching.

And that listening includes listening to ourselves, our own mind-body-spirit. A coach who is able to tap into the intuition, trust the gut and go beyond the logic of data, what is visible, obvious, and often, convenient!

 This is not just for a coach. But for leaders. It is a choice for us to make.

– – –

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