According to press reports, “Hrithik Roshan has employed the services of a life coach to tide over his recent separation from wife. Hrithik has hired life coach to keep him focused on work and keep his mind off the separation. The coach surrounds Hrithik at most times. His job is to keep Hrithik up-beat.

The profession of a life coach is suddenly getting some extra visibility & PR ?! Perhaps not needed, considering the kind of work a Coach does.

Of course, if the report is true, it will definitely help the actor. Yes, a life coach will go far deeper than just enable the star to overcome the pangs of separation. In fact, had he hired a coach, perhaps the separation would have been prevented. Prevention is surely better than cure!

You don’t need to be a Rockstar executive/artist/person to hire a coach. Every star/budding star will benefit immensely from hiring @The Coach. You are already star… have you hired a coach.

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