Back from a refreshing short break.
It is great to just step out of the urban jungle and be closer to nature. Increasingly tempted to get-away from P-T-P’s, pollution (all kinds, incl noise), trash & plastic !! But then there is no escape from P-T-P’s, anywhere in India.
Maha Sivaratri night was also noisy, instead of silent contemplation of Lord. A group was playing volleyball during night, to stay awake ! It was surely better than playing cards, and gossiping. But, we are a bit low on empathy when it comes to the impact of noise pollution we create and its impact on people and animals/birds around.

Mom showed with joy formation of a honey-bee-comb on our balcony. The last time, a huge one, was taken off during our absence – for a few ML of honey? If as the residents we had no problem to co-existence with the bees, what problem should others have ?!

Resumed my morning walks, ‘break-ke-baad’!
But was shocked to find many honey-bees lying dead in our complex. Few were fighting death. Perhaps the impact of efforts to keep the area mosquito-free. It seem to be killing more honey-bees, rather than mosquitoes. A toddler, waiting for school bus with his mom, was surprised.
Wonder, what lessons we are imparting to the kids? It is one matter to kill mosquitoes and other harmful insects (prevention still better), but something else to kill harmless honey-bees, so critical to our environment.

Pls check out why they are important:


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