“What happened at the 400-m women’s final track at Finland may be an apt #metaphor for not just Indian sports but also the change in the way India looks at itself” — ET Blog

In another brilliant piece in the same newspaper, @Economictimes by Garima Verma, quotes Hima who ‘describes herself as water that adapts and changes course at will”.

Her metaphor is indeed water!

Check out: Be Like Water, my friend: Bruce Lee(#Metaphor)

“…the romance of ‘almost winning a medal’ is giving way to a determination of ‘getting gold’. …Soon, with the right training, pooling of talent and will to win, we will be surprised if Indian athletes don’t win” — Hima belongs to the big stage. She reminded me of Virat Kohli, when she acknowledged the crowd’s cheering, almost encouraging them to cheer more. She is a performer on the big stage, in Virat’s mold. “I’ve always been bindaas”, says she.

Tears rolling down during ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ stuck a chord with many back home.

“An unsatisfied coach is surely a good sign for future…” Whether the sports trainers (they are not coaches) or real coaches (leadership, executive, business or life coaches), aren’t they all unsatisfied to some extent? For the coach knows the potential of the client. Also is trained to assume the completeness of the client. Still often far away from what they can be?

“I just know how to run and that is what I do,” says Hima. Keep Running!

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