Glad to share this inspiring story of what a Coach can do…

 “Nazal was unemployed, living in his mother’s basement & struggling to support his newborn son, worked as a part-time paperboy for the Washington Post…Then, he stumbled upon a life coach who helped him refocus his talents.

“She saw something in me that I couldn’t see. I was too mired in my own problems to realize what I had to offer the world. She helped me see it, and I finally broke through,” he said. This encounter launched a successful career in Information Technology and consulting. 

“Because of the guidance I received during a low point in my career and personal life….”

This is what a Coach can do for you. By being a sounding board, he/she helps you to identify your true potential to move from current state (good/bad/ugly) to a more resourceful state. A coach does this by following a process (science) and bringing in his deep awareness (art) to help you identify your goal and how to reach them, in your own way & at your own pace. The coach is trained is competencies such as Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Creating Trust, Challenging, creating/follow-up/support Actions (execution is key, we know.. but falter when it comes to act, all of us, right ?)

PS: HealerSpeak – Belief : You don’t need to hit the proverbial nadir to climb to the top. You don’t need to suffer to move to a a joyful state. Let’s be mindful of those self-destructive beliefs!

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