As a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Friday is not of much relevance to me. Just another day! Corporate executives look for the weekend, especially in certain geographies with more semblance to work-life balance. I still prefer W-L ‘integration’, to balance. Fridays & Saturdays get busier, with our coach training and certifications for ICF and Leader as Coach, scheduled over the weekend.

This Saturday was different. 

I started my day with ‘living my purpose‘. Facilitated a workshop for young undergraduate girl students; over 60 of them. Session 3, and they were more tuned to the concept of ‘coaching skills for young leaders’

  • ‘Why should I be a leader?’ was an interesting question in session 2. The journey to self-discovery, including discovering the leader within, continues. That is what makes it ‘living my purpose’. Working with young students, mostly from humble backgrounds, getting the best, holistic education. Preparing them to be future leaders at the confluence of IQ, EQ & SQ Spiritual Quotient.

‘We need a new generation of leaders to continue the innovation, problem-solving and social good …’

Then it was a session on IKIGAI with one of the leaders of BFSI, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Capital. Having met and interacted with one of the co-authors of the best seller, Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life, Hector, I was keen to hear more on IKIGAI from a BFSI leader. After all, we are in the purpose of helping people find their life purpose, and live it!

What is your IKIGAI/life purpose?

  • I checked the Hindi meaning, jeene ki wajah! It is much deeper than that.
  • It is about incorporating life-purpose into daily life.
  • ‘Till you find your purpose, find your purpose in what you do’, was a powerful thought. The mind keeps reminding us how we are living away from an interesting life. And not look at the possibility in the future, or gratitude in the present.
  • There is a misconception working for someone/being a corporate role is always lower than being an entrepreneur. Corporate executive or entrepreneur, both can be as fulfilling as the other.
    • The example of two categories of janitors at airport restrooms. Some as proactive, alive, welcome the passengers. Whereas the others are there only at the physical level. Not seeing the customers at any level.
    • The other example, how cleaning the bullet trains of Japan became a different experience for the cleaners.
    • What would it take to elevate every work we do to that level? 
  • We all are born twice (dwij), one biological birth and the other when we meet our Guru.

We are so lucky who have met our guru, SadhGuru.  

  • Pandemic also a good reminder to simplify, focus, be family-oriented, get musical, commit/more to yoga. Back to basics…
  • Whatever makes you happy is your IKIGAI.
  • Mr. Bajaj spoke of how he has handled his distraction while eating. Incorporating gratitude for all the people and processes that enabled the delicious and healthy food to come on to his table. It was interesting to hear how he has started using chopsticks for all meals. That forces him to focus 🙂
    • Good idea, I thought. But then we would miss out on the joy of touching with fingers, which makes a meal a complete experience according to our Indian thought.
    • I once was eating dosa with a fork at Goa, with a colleague, who found it very funny. I was avoiding oil on my fingers, and washing thereafter. But that discussion stayed and have moved to traditional eating style, plantain leaf to local food to eat with fingers, where possible – slowly, and enjoying every morsel, with the prayer:

Brahmārpañam Brahma Havir
BrahmāgnauBrahmañāhutaṃ, Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam
BrahmakarmāSamādhinah. (The act of offering is God. The oblation is God. By God, it is offered into the Fire of God.
God is That which is to be attained by him who performs action pertaining to God.)

PrāñināmḌehamāshritaha, PrāñāpānaSamāyuktah
PachāmyannamChaturvidham. (Becoming the life-fire in the bodies of living beings, mingling with the subtle breaths
I digest the four kinds of food.)   

What is your IKIGAI/purpose? This is a good question to ask every day, whether we are living our IKIGAI, or arrived at our IKIGAI. Leave it as a question to the Universe, let the Universe come back.

How: Meet yourself for coffee… ask yourself what is your IKIGAI.

Additionally, let it come to you.

They have come up with 10 pillars of life, Omnilife, which also includes your IKIGAI. Others being. food, movement, etc.

McKinsey Study: Late in the evening, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the link to the McKinsey study on how employees are looking for their life purpose at work. Alignment of work purpose with life purpose is a clear expectation, post-pandemic. Check out Help your employees find purpose or watch them leave


  • with a friend, who has been a coachee and then an ICF mentee. He connected to share a service initiative he is leading with friends, an opportunity to contribute for me. 
  • with a corporate leader taking the first steps to become an ICF coach
  • with a corporate leader turned marketing consultant to discuss our marketing strategy

The book, IKIGAI, is one of the most popular books in India. Hector was surprised maximum copies were being sold in India. Rajiv mentioned 33% of books sold in airport bookstores is IKIGAI!

An indication, we are all consciously or unconsciously moving towards our life purpose?

#Regal@60 is integral to our engagements, coaching or coach training is similar. We have a variant of it for businesses too. Check out for more

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