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Happened to watch part of the episode of a popular tele-serial on Indian television – on Mughal Emperor Akbar, ‘JODHA AKBAR’ (Jodha being one of his wives)

The situation is a scene after an assasination attempt is made on the emperor, while he is at his wife’s palace, for a wedding. (and all dramatic complications thereof!) Jodha pleads to Akbar to go back…..

Akbar ‘decorates’ Jodha with his ceremonial ‘overcoat’, crown and the sword and asks her to think like the emperor…

That is Perpetual Position we use in Coaching. A very powerful NLP technique:
Perceptual positions help you imagine what difficult situations
look like when viewed with others’ eyes. The term refers to the ability to imagine what others perceive by imagining that you are that other person. In NLP this links with the assumption that ‘the map is not the territory’ and offers a way to enrich an individual’s map of the world.

In case you want to see the episode I am referring to, check out : ( at 10:00 minutes)
Jodha Akbar Tele Serial – Emperor used Perceptual Position technique

Empathy (the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another) is quite similar. But Perpetual Position is far more deeper.


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