How many organizations, leaders, managers really ‘allow’ a culture of failure and imperfection. In today’s world when business leaders are evaluated quarter to quarter or month on month, how many would really take a medium to long-term view and work with that perspective? More importantly how many have the vision, passion and stamina to balance both short term and long term vision, across all levels of management?

At individual employee level, it can be ‘allowed’ if there is a consistent effort to take initiative, keep trying & working hard. Very often some of these, if not all, are found missing in corporate settings.

Author is very right is saying ‘fear’ is indeed one of worst negative emotions. But then, fear can be overcome by many ways. A passion for action, focus on process (than outcome), focus, awareness, etc being some of them…
A lot depends on the business leaders. I had two related experiences. Ultimately it depended on the whims & fancies of leadership (outcome – failure) and trust, vision and guts to allow from failure, (outcome – sheer sustainable, magic).

Most importantly, failure or success is perception, apart from sheer numbers. For it depends on several factors, internal and external. The duty of business leadership is to manage same, through (the perception of) success and failures.

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