Coaching is for everyone… Not only coaching, even therapy, as per this post. If you thought it is not for me, read this! Dismantling-the-myth-of-the-self-reliant-ceo

Some excerpts:

– ‘From executive coaches to support groups and personal therapists, CEOs rely on a surprising range of people to help them succeed‘. I reached out this week to a fellow coach, and healer. It helps immensely.

– A start-up founder reached out to a Mentor. Also, ‘96% of entrepreneurs reported talking to peers on an informal basis over the last 12 months for advice and support.

– ‘32% at seed-stage almost doubled to 60% CEOs had executive coaches‘: Logic would have pointed us to a reverse situation? As you grow, biz leaders will benefit more from coaches. Provided s/he has the authenticity and openness to #HireACoach

– ‘49% of entrepreneurs reported at least one mental health condition like depression or anxiety in their lifetimes.‘ – many of us are often unaware of it, let alone take professional help. And that help came from the category of professionals, ‘therapists’ – all backed by research! And we thought therapy was a taboo among corporates! No wonder some experts feel ‘coaching is dead’. Is it time for the confluence of coaching, healing, therapy, counseling,

– It makes sense to network, smartly & extensively…

“Great leadership really does take a village” (man is after all a social animal… !)

From Adam Grant’s ‘Originals’ to Martin Lindstrom’s ‘Small Data’… lot of set beliefs coming down, on the strength of research! The consciousness ready….

You need similar help, whether you are executive, entrepreneur, SEP or just about someone… At #RegalUnlimited, we operate at the beautiful confluence of coaching, healing, mentoring, counselling. 

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