What is my client for me?

The client sitting in front of me is for my transformation. I am blessed to coach, mentor & heal. But I am coached, mentored & healed by my client. I am merely a witness, a Divine Instrument. I am fully aware, I am not the doer.

As such where is the question of complex, superior/inferior? It is an adult-adult relationship (TA)

“Devotion is a tool to dissolve yourself into what you are doing. This is a way to access intelligence and insight well beyond your normal intellect. You will see things that others would never be able to see.”

Coaching from a state of Being is when the coach is not there. That is dancing with the client, or ‘jugalbandhi’! That is true devotion to the science, art and practice of coaching & mentoring.

“Devotion and leadership are synonymous…”

Personally, my Master, when I asked what I should do to serve, said, “you are doing My work”. He taught me ‘work is worship, duty is God’. He demonstrated how to do it.

Who is my Ishta Devata?

PS: Swami Vivekananda said, “You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita.” I am currently reading ‘The Modern Monk’ by Hindol Sengupta (‘Nothing is a coincidence’, DR. Wayne DYER )


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