Blogging is one thing I always enjoyed.

  • One, it is almost like a personal journal, with all its therapeutic benefits!
  • Then, it is on public domain, but not intrusive.
  • I am an introvert, with a belief I am not a “writer”, till I started blogging & friends started challenging my belief!

As for my post-1, I had this on my ‘to-do-list’ for the day. Did not want to hit the bed without making a beginning to the challenge!

Now aware “writer’s block” happens to non-writers too!!

I thought of writing about my work. Also, beyond work, on my interests like coaching, banking, healing to my obsession to clean my car. Finally, I picked up the Day-1 suggestion: ‘Why I am doing the #yourturnchallenge?’

Over a period of time, I stopped blogging. It became less frequent and then  stopped. I did share posts from others & added my comments. But that would not be an original post for a blogger-purist, right? So through this challenge I hope to get back to the #habit of regular blogging. (Still not decided the definition or frequency of ‘regular’)

I hope to connect with a lot of other fellow-bloggers, who are also Seth’s ‘fans/followers’, or just part of his mailing list.

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