I am ‘fortunate’ to be client of two of the leading pvt banks in India.
“Why not just one”, you may ask- good question !
“Neither of these two big brands are able to give me minimum service expected”

I am their cross-sell customer too – Xsell Victim, would be more appropriate!
Over the last few months I have shifted my home and status. But these folks find it difficult to handle a gypsy!!

I just wrote a mail to one of their group ‘securities’ company (all pretensions of their ALM securities have failed, as per the recent reports! They failed, as it was just pretension !)

I got this reply from them.
Dear Investor,
Thank you very much for writing to us .
This is an auto-response by the Client Services Team just to let you know
that we are in receipt of your e-mail on the captioned subject. It will be
our best endeavour to revert to you in the earliest possible time. For
standard queries / requirements like statement of account etc, we would
respond within 2 business days, or certainly earlier, where possible.
Should you need to contact any of our Investor Service Centres (ISCs), you
may get in touch with us between 9.30 a.m. and  5.30 p.m., Monday through
Friday on all business days, and we shall be glad to assist. Our contact
numbers are: #### (Toll-free) or  ### (Do not prefix STD code)
Assuring you of our best services.
In the first place, why an automatic reply at all. At best it can be a one-liner acknowledging receipt. Or, just fix it and write back. Something a more customer-friendly company such as Amazon does. ( numbers changed to ####)

Miles to go…. for customer enchantment

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