One of the links on coaching I have shared with many is Eric Schmidt’s advise, ‘everyone needs coaching‘, one of the best advice he received!

That ‘everyone’ includes not only corporate guys, but surely include physicians, artists, trainers, et al.
The challenges people face are common to all organised efforts, whether a bank or corporatee, charity, service like hospital, or a school/college. Just as a good sportman may not be a good coach, a good professional (doc, engineer, artist) may not be a good business leader.As such,

  • Organisation noise is a pain area for across all professionals. A coach may be able to hold the mirror in front of the client, including a physician, to look for possible solutions. A coach, is best-equipped if he is actually an outsider – not from the organisation and not from same profession.
  • Feeling like an outsider can actually be helpful to ensure optimum detachment and, work with a firm belief on ‘Doctrine of Trusteeship’ – more appropriate for a physician.
  • Not to feel stuck in transition is more of a personal choice, rather than an external constraint. Of course, leadership is an art and science. If the physician (or anyone in that mould) has handled small leadership roles in school/college/community, it will help immensely.
  • Feeling of trapped in time warp is a challenge many face, especially typical non-corporate type. A typical sales or finance guy, if promoted based on ‘potential’, often face a similar situation.
    There are different ways a coach can help client ot overcome, for benefit of all (self, orgn and community). Fortune

Coaching Physicians to Become Leaders – Richard Winters – Harvard Business Review

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