We started training/facilitating and mentoring aspiring coaches in September, 2014. It is almost 3 years. How time flies..

We have had participants from Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore…

We trained over 60 coaches, and 25 of them are PCC (ICF). We continue to learn

We create great coaches, you make coaching great!

The focus has been on quality, and not mere numbers! It has been a beautiful experience for all of us.


HighTea with #RegalCoaches at Crowne Plaza, Alwarpet, Chennai

Over the years, across multiple batches, we have tried to create a space for the group to be authentic, vulnerable. That is what they do in real coaching session. It is a journey to ‘Become a Coach, to Being a Coach’ mastery is coaching from a state of Being. A journey from Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence. And we constantly remind ourselves, ‘ the shift to Being-state is small. We just got to ‘Be’. The difference between ‘19 & 20′, as we say in Hindi.

We remain connected to continue learning and collaborate through #RegalCoaches                                        1-H7Rg96eET2detnZb_6wDQg@2x

A new batch starting in July, 2017: ICF approved Coacharya ACTP Coach training for ICF credentials, ACC & PCC

  • on 8th & 9th, 2017
  • at Crowne Plaza, Alwarpet, Chennai
  • Facilitated by two PCC’s, Subash CV & Priya Ramesh. We also get a few subject matter experts to come & share their perspectives on related topics
  • A combination of classroom and virtual sessions
  • Leadership and Coaching is incomplete without this coach-training by Regal Unlimited, one of the best in this part of world, and ICF credentials (ACC/PCC), a global benchmark in coaching.
  • Registrations are open. Few seats left. Write to info@regalunlimited.com if you have queries or to register.

Coach from a state of Being…

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