@ Chennai! My new Karmabhoomi!
New?! Or is it back, ‘home’? Where it all started, professionally, on 1/1/91. At #21, Patullos Road!
‘Took the road less travelled’! Drove down, enjoyed driving through torrential rains. Heavy traffic on the NH (courtesy, ‘CV’s!) do not allow to speed up. I empathise with CVs (commercial vehicles, that is) on highways, having worked with the industry for 15 yrsJ A little lane-discipline, from us all, will surely help.
The tollbooths should add this to their KRA? Upkeep of the stretch and better driving experience for the commuters?! Why not, if customer experience is the ultimate goal, instead of just collecting toll for the infrastructure. Every tollbooth announces, ‘lane #1 for cars’. But filled with trucks & buses.
Have you noticed, we are evolving to a new traffic rule– slow moving traffic on the last lane ?!! May be we should formalize! Height of lane-indiscipline!
There were just too many butterflies on the road. Are the flowers on the road-dividers attracting them? If yes, do we need flowers? People pluck flowers too! Risk for butterflies, animals & people?!
I observed hardly any bird, even on the horizon. Where have all birds gone?
Coffee at Krishnagiri and Sambar Vada at ‘Dimple Group’s Anandabhavan’ were just super!
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