Inspiring post by Seth Godin, Why don’t authors compete?


The universal recognition that there’s plenty of room for more authors, and that more reading is better than less reading, even if what’s getting read isn’t ours.  It’s not a zero-sum game. It’s an infinite game, one where we each seek to help ideas spread and lives change.

It turns out that in most industries in the connection economy, that’s precisely what works. People happily tweet each other’s handles to their followers and give references to others that are looking for jobs. When a business that’s comfortable not having 100% market share happily recommends a competitor, they’re sending a signal about trust and confidence and most of all, about feeding the community first.

The competition isn’t the person next to you on the web, or the store. The competition is none-of-the-above.

As Gandhiji said, there is enough #abundance in the Universe for our needs, not for our greed!

Extending the same logic, Coaches don’t compete either. There is no need. There is enough need in the world for coaching!


And, if we acquire/enhance coaching mindset, no one will ‘compete’ ! For there is #Abundance in the Universe ! I am tempted to add, with coaching mindset, attracting abundance becomes effortless.

And, Coaching mindset helps us in all our roles, at home, work & community. 


Seth Godin’s post

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