The theme for #B A D 2013 is ‘Human Rights’.
The acronym may be ‘bad’, but it is such a great initiative !
Is it not an irony that such an issue needs to be selected in this era?!

Man perhaps has made ‘progress’ in all areas, but perhaps not in the areas that matter most ? Empathy, love, care for fellow humans (and also to other elements of our environment, living & non-living)

We do it often unknowingly, but at times knowingly too.
We do not pause to think the impact of our thought, word and deed on others/community. It is not rocket science. Most often it is simple common sense, getting quite ‘uncommon’ these days.

The world needs our empathy, love and care. Not for sake of the world, but for our sakes.

For… as #Master says, ‘at the end of our life, all that matters is how muych love we have shared with others’. Just selfless, pure love.

Spiritually Yours!

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